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Adjustable Thermometer

Adjustable thermometer adopts a multilayer metal sheet as temperature-sensor element to control the pointer. The multilayer metal sheet is formed by two (or more) metal sheets that are laminated together. The element works on the principle that two different metal expand in different amounts when temperature changes. For example, there are two winded and ring-shaped metal sheets. One metal sheet expands with heat and drives the pointer to rotate, and then the instrument shows the temperature number corresponding to thermoelectric potential.
Adjustable thermometer can adjust the direction and the temperature. It is widely used in petroleum and chemical industries and other fields. And it is available in corrosive medium and conditions.

Specifications of adjustable thermometer:
Nominal size (mm): Ø100mm
Scale ranges: -40+60℃ to 0-600℃
Accuracy class: 1.6, 1.0
Design: Stem with thread
Pressure rating: max in bar of thermo well/ stem: 25
Wetted parts: Stainless steel
Connection: Lower, center back, every angle, 1/2", match thermo well crimped ring
Case material: Stainless steel, adjustable at black
Windows of Adjustable thermometer: Glass
Notes: 5"with liquid fillable case

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