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Air Test Gauge

Description of LPG Pressure Gauge :
Air test gauge is also called gas test pressure gauge or LPG Pressure Gauge. Its case is mainly made of black steel. Gas pressure gauge can not only indicates the liquefied gas storage capacity, but also can discover whether the leak. Air test gauge is used to measure the pressure of coal gas.
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the air that of colorless and odorless gas. It is the proportion that liquefied petroleum gas weight lighter than air, so often gather in the indoor, and sewage etc. If it is mixed with air and get to an explosion limit, that can be very dangerous when meet fire for explosion can occur. So that the leakage of a gas pressure gauge (LPG Pressure Gauge) is very important. Timely detection of leakage to prevent accidents is crucial. In daily use which required in the relief valve with gas LPG pressure gauge.
Domestic liquefied petroleum gas leakage for angle valve seat sealing or stem seal damage; reducing valve angle valve connection is not tight or seal damage; rubber tube aging, cracking or too loose; cooker rotating core sealing, such as the causes have been excluded, may be the cylinder leakage. Gas LPG Pressure Gauge now plays a very important role.

Specifications of air test gauge:
Dial size: 2", 2.5"
Case type: black steel case, with black steel bezel
Window: glass or plastic window
Face and pointer: aluminum finish
Movement: brass
Tube: brass or phosphor bronze tube
Connection: brass with steel chrome plate or brass chrome plated body
Thread: 3/4"NPT female
Accuracy of LPG Pressure Gauge: ASME Grade B
Pressure range: 0-15 to 200 psi

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