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Glass thermometer

Glass thermometer is manufactured through a dozen procedures, such as artificial firing, liquid filling and so forth. It chooses round or triangular rod glass as raw material, mercury or organic solution as the temperature sensing liquid, such as kerosene, alcohol and so on. Glass thermometer features low price, accurate measurement, convenient use and no need for external power. It's widely used in daily life and production line, especially marine industry.

Specifications of glass thermometer:
Body length (mm): 110.150.200.
Scale ranges: -40+60℃ to 0-600℃
Accuracy class: +/- ℃
Design: Removable thermo well thread or screw fixed
Pressure rating: max in bar of thermo well/stem: 16 or 40
Wetted parts: Copper alloy up to 200℃
Steel or stainless steel up to 600 ℃
Connection of Glass thermometer: Straight, 900 angle, 1350 angled, 1/2"
Case material: Aluminum. Golden finish

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