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Thermo-Manometer Thermo-Manometer

Thermo-manometer, is dual purpose meter, can measure the pressure and the temperature of the medium at the same time. It is largely used at clients' disposal.

Specifications of thermo-manometer:
Nominal size: 80mm
Case: Carbon steel black
Sheath: Carbon steel chrome
Window: plastic
Dial: White aluminum, color fields
Pointer: black aluminum, adjustable red pointer
Scale: black marking
Measure element: P bourdon tube, T – bimetallic
Connection thread: G1/2 with shut off valve
Material of connection: brass
Pressure range: 0-4 bar, 0-6 bar
Temperature range: 0-120℃, 0-150℃
Connection: Bottom, center back
Accuracy: Temperature class 2   Pressure 4%
Operating temperature: -20 / 60 ℃

Ma Anshan Exact Instrument Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of thermo-manometer instruments. Our company specialize in designing and manufacturing marine pressure gauge, oxygen gauge, ammonia gauge, acetylene pressure gauge, ammonia pressure gauge, refrigerant pressure gauge, and so on. Our products are widely used in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, manufacture, papermaking, food, energy, etc. Our Thermo-manometers have been exported to U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Spain, Egypt and South-east Asia, mid-east and so on.

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